5 issues to perceive for August 23: Overstock CEO, G7, Japan-South Korea, romance scams – CNN

5 issues to perceive for August 23: Overstock CEO, G7, Japan-South Korea, romance scams – CNN

(CNN)Hop to it! A brand new evaluate shows elevated phases of physical process at any depth lowers the likelihood of early loss of life in heart-age and older folks. 

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1. Ex-Overstock CEO

Patrick Byrne, the CEO of online good purchase retailer Overstock, resigned the day past after publishing a recordsdata release this week titled, “Comments on Deep Inform.” In it, Byrne claimed he helped the FBI lift out “political espionage” and referred an undefined entity called the “Men in Murky.” Unsurprisingly, Overstock shares plummeted after the strange missive, however loyal because Byrne is out would now not imply he’s performed talking. After his departure, the ex-CEO looked on CNN and stated the FBI directed him to pursue a “romantic relationship with Maria Butina” in the summer sooner than the 2016 election. Butina is the Russian lady who has been accused of seeking out to derive affect in grand Republican circles on the direction of her nation’s government. None of this has been verified, and historical FBI Director James Comey told CNN the claims are “ridiculous.”

2. G7 Summit 

The G7 summit convenes this weekend in France, and all eyes, as common, will likely be on President Trump. Let’s commence up with the loyal: Though the US economic system is now not as solid as it has been, or now not it’s silent at an advantage than many of the declining economies in Europe, so Trump is expected to protect out a minute bit boasting about that. But unique divisive feedback will also motive some discomfort among the enviornment leaders. The entire shopping Greenland dialogue and Denmark time out cancellation will also sow some discord, as will also Trump’s outspoken toughen of Brexit. Genuinely, French President Emmanuel Macron has elected to forego the old signing of an settlement by the entire leaders on the tip of the summit. Trump refused to brand the deal on the tip of last year’s summit in Canada and left the gathering early. 

three. Japan and South Korea 

The feud between Japan and South Korea is getting worse, and it looks worship China and North Korea will also diagram out as winners. Japan and South Korea are engaged in a bitter trade dispute, and South Korea took the stress up a notch the day past by scrapping its militia intelligence-sharing settlement with Japan. The war has threatened world tech manufacturers and basic alliances, however China and North Korea have viewed incidental advantages. The breakdown of verbal substitute between Japan and South Korea blueprint safety cooperation and monitoring of North Korea has diminished. It furthermore alienates the US, which holds a solid militia alliance with South Korea and Japan. With these links weakened, China will also merely pass to make larger its affect in the region. 

4. Nigerian scams 

Federal prosecutors have charged Eighty folks, most of them Nigerian, in a web based of scams that the US claims has robbed millions of bucks from corporations and aged folks. Seventeen up to now were arrested. Two of the males indicted allegedly ran a romance scam out of California. On this more or less scheme, scammers attain out to ladies folk online and commence up relationships by strategy of emails and messages. These on the entire escalate to ugly claims of hardship and requests for money. In a single scam stated to were perpetrated by the males, a Jap lady despatched her online esteem curiosity — truly a scammer — a lot of payments to support him smuggle a bag of diamonds out of Syria. US prosecutors estimate the suspects collectively have bilked $6 million. All will face charges of conspiracy to commit fraud and to launder money, and aggravated identification theft. Some furthermore will face fraud and money laundering charges.

5. Rohingya 

This week marks the two-year anniversary of the campaign of violence started by Myanmar’s militia against the Rohingya folks, an ethnic Muslim minority. In that time, a entire bunch of thousands of Rohingya folks were left successfully stateless and loads have needed to seem for refuge in camps along the border with Bangladesh. The 2 international locations the day past were imagined to commence up repatriating about three,450 of the Rohingya refugees, however there might be an argument: One of the necessary refugees make now not favor to be repatriated for anxiousness of extra violence and oppression. Global human rights organizations have expressed instruct about the planned repatriation, saying the Rohingya folks would be strolling loyal serve into the persecution that drove them out in the first region. 


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French President Emmanuel Macron, who furthermore encouraged leaders to derive in the topic all the blueprint in which through this weekend’s G7 summit. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro called Macron’s claims “sensationalist” and stated calling for G7 talks became as soon as “paying homage to a colonial mindset.”


fifty four
The frequent decision of hours American commuters spent caught in web screech web screech visitors in 2017, in step with a brand new document. In seemingly the most most congested areas of the nation, that favor became as soon as larger than double. 


Quiz time!
After a historical bustle, Lil Nas X’s hit tune, “Extinct Town Dual carriageway,” became as soon as knocked off the tip build on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week by what tune? 
A. “Discuss” by Khalid 
B. “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo 
C. “Senorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello 
D. “Immoral Guy” by Billie Eilish
Play “Total Purchase,” CNN’s weekly recordsdata quiz, to survey in case your answer is upright.



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August 23, 2019

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