Amanda Seyfried Begins Instagram Feud With Influencer Arielle Charnas – HuffPost

Amanda Seyfried Begins Instagram Feud With Influencer Arielle Charnas – HuffPost

Amanda Seyfried couldn’t hold support from calling out an influencer over a postpartum bikini report. 

The actress frail social media to take care of Arielle Charnas ― in most cases is named One thing Navy on Instagram ― after Charnas posted a image of herself in a swimsuit with the caption “Overjoyed with my physique after two kids” earlier this week.

Charnas shared the report on her non-public tale, which has 1.2 million followers. 

While some followers praised Charnas for her report and caption, others realized the messaging terrible ― Seyfried integrated. 

Even supposing the “Mamma Mia” actress didn’t name Charnas straight, she reposted a comment her friend left on Charnas’ web affirm. Seyfried, who has a 2-year-frail daughter, then relayed her have concepts referring to the report in her caption. 

Seyfried dubbed Charnas — who collaborates with Nordstrom and whom Females’s Wear Every single day called a “gargantuan influencer” — a “semi-influencer.” 

“If we’re ready to accumulate paid for flaunting our standard of living (and keen some within the intervening time) we delight in to be start to the discussions surrounding what we’re promoting,” Seyfried wrote, including that Charnas blocked both her and her friend. 

“Whilst you happen to know who you are- hold a 2d to procure if what you’re throwing accessible is price it- within the gargantuan image,” the actress acknowledged, writing “INFLUENCE = POWER. And while you happen to’re taking very most lifelike thing about that – EMPOWER,” in a subsequent Instagram post. 

In a since-expired Instagram story, Charnas acknowledged that she felt “bullied” and “punished on tale of I’m thin.” Charnas didn’t directly answer to HuffPost’s inquire of of for comment. 

Seyfried got criticism for her post and later wrote in her Instagram comments, “I’m sorry if this stinks of [judgment]. It’s now not supposed to. It’s all a discussion that have to be had.” 

Charnas’ husband, Brandon Charnas, seemingly poked relaxing at Seyfried’s post within the caption of a report he posted of himself and Arielle on his tale Thursday. He satirically issued “warnings” from the “ABSA or the “American Body Shaming Association” on the image. 

Within the counterfeit “warnings,” he wrote, “This physique is now not capability,” “Please draw now not are trying and attain such physique by working out,” and “while you happen to are trying and attain, you would favor to don’t delight in any decrease than three nannys and make sure that to now not simplest pay them but also thank them in no decrease than 4 shoutouts a week on Instagram,” alongside with about a others. 

Within the comments, Arielle merely wrote “I esteem you honey.” 


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July 11, 2019

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