Brexit: Boris Johnson says he is ‘no longer aiming for no deal’ – BBC Records

Brexit: Boris Johnson says he is ‘no longer aiming for no deal’ – BBC Records

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Media captionJohnson: Brexit extend approach defeat

Boris Johnson has mentioned he is “no longer aiming for a no-deal ” for Brexit on the launch of his campaign for the Tory leadership.

However he mentioned the specter of no deal was a “a must delight in” negotiation tool and the UK “must create better” than the most modern deal.

At his campaign launch, Home Secretary Sajid Javid mentioned Mr Johnson was “the day prior to this’s details”.

He argued the celebration ought to tranquil no longer vote for “the identical extinct insiders” and a scuttle-setter from a “fresh generation” was wished.

Meanwhile, Labour’s execrable-celebration motion aimed at stopping a no-deal Brexit being pushed by by a future high minister was rejected by MPs.

The Commons opposed the switch by 309 votes to 298.

Mr Johnson and Mr Javid are the last of the 10 candidates in the contest to formally launch their campaigns for the job of Conservative Birthday celebration leader – and high minister – sooner than Thursday’s first ballotof Tory MPs.

Mr Javid centered noteworthy of his speech on his personal lend a hand tale and in finding ride of exclusion, insisting it gave him an working out of how to have other folks feel “integrated and welcome” in the Tory Birthday celebration.

“I in actuality delight in the background, strategies and certain imaginative and prescient for the future [to] preserve Jeremy Corbyn a ways faraway from 10 Downing Dual carriageway,” he mentioned.

In a swipe at his opponents, he argued: “We cannot chance going with [the] non everlasting consolation zone resolution.”

On Brexit, he mentioned he would possibly maybe doubtless “have put up-Brexit Britain what many naysayers speak it cannot be”, and had a “credible thought to lope away by the discontinuance of October”.

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Media captionSajid Javid vows to heal divisions and produce the country lend a hand collectively

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, who launched him at Wednesday’s match, mentioned Mr Javid would give voters a “bigger purpose to feel pleasure” in the UK.

Earlier, she recommended the BBC she would no longer enhance leaving the EU with out a deal, however Mr Javid had the most credible thought to uncover a deal by Parliament.

Mr Javid has mentioned he would be ready to lope away with out a deal if the different was no Brexit the least bit.

Who will change Theresa Would possibly doubtless doubtless?

The winner of the contest to e book the Conservative Birthday celebration will change into the following high minister.

Mr Johnson is believed in regards to the frontrunner in the contest, with many extra endorsements from Tory MPs than any diverse candidate.

He has saved a low profile in the flee to be triumphant Theresa Would possibly doubtless doubtless to this point, his only major intervention being a pledge – precise now criticised by his opponents – to cut revenue tax bills for of us incomes extra than £50,000 a Twelve months.

At Wednesday’s launch, the ragged international secretary – who give up cupboard over Mrs Would possibly doubtless doubtless’s Brexit policy – mentioned it was “appropriate for our monumental country to rearrange” for a no-deal .

He mentioned any extend to Brexit would “further alienate no longer magnificent our pure supporters however someone who believes that politicians ought to tranquil roar on their guarantees”.

And he warned his celebration it could doubtless “kick the bucket” if it went into the following election having didn’t in finding the mandate given to it by the British other folks.

“Lengthen approach defeat, extend approach Corbyn,” he mentioned, asserting the UK must lope away the EU on 31 October.


By Norman Smith, BBC assistant political editor

The speech was basic Boris Johnson – a accurate exhaust-me-up performance calling for braveness and conviction.

However there was no clarity on what his Brexit thought would be or how he would possibly maybe doubtless lope about placing collectively a fresh deal that the EU would be ready to negotiate on.

He did speak he would preserve no deal on the desk though, and mentioned it was “unbelievable” Theresa Would possibly doubtless doubtless had taken it off.

We did in finding the character quiz too – a blunt one in regards to the commentary he had made about Muslim girls wearing the burka attempting love letter containers.

He knew these questions had been coming, and his resolution was to convey that he was easy talking, and that folks love it if you happen to don’t defend the total lot in fastidiously calibrated phrases.

It looked as if it could doubtless me that this was a man entirely no longer apologising for how he does politics.

Several of Mr Johnson’s opponents, including Rory Stewart and Matt Hancock, delight in mentioned they would no longer countenance leaving the EU the least bit with out some in finding of legally-binding agreement on the form of the future relationship thanks to the financial disruption it could doubtless trigger.

Others, including Michael Gove and Brand Harper, delight in indicated they would be ready to see an additional extension from the EU to finalise a bigger deal.

Brexiteers reminiscent of Dominic Raab and Esther McVey delight in mentioned the precedence ought to be honouring the 2016 referendum outcome and the UK ought to be ready to accept no deal.

Chancellor Philip Hammond – who is no longer working for leader – mentioned it was “very doubtlessly no longer” to lope away the EU by 31 October and it was “no longer intellectual” for leadership hopefuls to “field themselves precise into a nook on this” as Parliament “won’t enable a no-deal exit”.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has mentioned a no-deal Brexit would be “disastrous”, telling MPs: “I judge some of [the PM’s] colleagues want reminding of that.”

‘Talking without extend’

At his launch Mr Johnson was also pressed by journalists on his exhaust of language – including when he wrote in his On a standard foundation Telegraph column that Muslim girls wearing the burka looked love “letterboxes”.

Mr Johnson apologised for “the offence I in actuality delight in ended in”, however mentioned: “I will proceed to focus on as without extend as I’m succesful of.”

One of the crucial reasons the public “feels alienated” from politicians is resulting from “we’re muffling and veiling our language”, he added.

He also looked as if it could doubtless dodge a quiz asking him about a outdated confession he had taken cocaine whereas at university.

Mr Johnson mentioned: “I judge what most other folks on this country desire us to primarily agree with on this campaign, if I would possibly maybe doubtless speak so, is what we can create for them and what our plans are for this monumental country of ours.”

On Tuesday 18 June BBC One will host a live election debate between the Conservative MPs tranquil in the flee.

When you can steal to ask the candidates a quiz survive air, exhaust the in finding below. It ought to be initiating to all of them, no longer a explicit flesh presser.

When you would possibly maybe doubtless doubtless be finding out this web page on the BBC Records app, you are going to wish to focus on about with the cell version of the BBC website to submit your quiz on this subject.

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June 12, 2019

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