Distinctive: The Chief Executive ‘has to again two masters’, says Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam – stout transcript – Reuters

Distinctive: The Chief Executive ‘has to again two masters’, says Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam – stout transcript – Reuters

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Right here’s a transcript of a chat given in unhurried August by Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam to a community of businesspeople within town. The transcript is taken from an audio recording of Lam’s remarks that used to be obtained by Reuters. Closing week, Reuters printed most of Lam’s remarks and is now ready to put up them in stout.

FILE PHOTO: Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam addresses a news convention in Hong Kong, China September 5, 2019. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

These that attended the talk verbalize she spoke for a couple of 1/2 hour. The recording, which runs 24 minutes, captures the massive majority of the event. Reuters has redacted the transcript in just a few spots to prefer names talked about by Lam and questions asked by the audience.


In the final two years, one in all the protection areas that I have spent most time in is innovation and technology. Now, I in fact personally chair the steering committee.

In lower than three months’ time, Hong Kong has been grew to become the other design up, and my lifestyles has been grew to become the other design up. However this is just not the moment for self-pitifulness, despite the indisputable reality that I shared with [name redacted] that within the period in-between it’s extremely complex for me to exit. I have not been on the streets, not within the procuring department shops, can’t inch to a hair salon, can’t keep the rest because of my whereabouts will be unfold across the social media, the Telegram, the LIHKG, and you can doubtless quiz a mountainous crowd of sunless T-shirts and sunless-masked children ready for me.

I’m aloof intrepid ample to inch and this afternoon, I’m aloof planning to inch if my security guards verbalize me in a while that I will have the ability to aloof inch. However it absolutely’s in fact, I don’t want to motive disruption, anguish to the organisers. However as I talked about, this is just not the time for me to self-pity myself. Right here’s a time I come right here, and I keep loads of closed-door courses infrequently with people from all walks of lifestyles, and the 2 things I talked about is, it’s not about self-pityness, it’s about making a plea for forgiveness and then allure for cherish.

I don’t want to spend your time, or break your time, so that you simply can quiz me what went sinister, and why it went sinister. However for a chief govt to have precipitated this large havoc to Hong Kong is unforgivable. It’s objective unforgivable. If I have a more than just a few, the fundamental part is to give up, having made a deep apology, is to step down. So I make a plea to you on your forgiveness.

Right here’s something that no matter how effectively supposed, I objective want to place this message across. Right here’s not something malicious. Right here’s not something advised, coerced by the central govt. Right here’s out of an very qualified map, myself and some of my key colleagues to ascertain out to shuffle moral loopholes in Hong Kong’s gadget, very mighty precipitated by our compassion for a single case, and this has confirmed to be very unwise given the conditions. And this large diploma of anxiousness and alarm amongst people of Hong Kong vis-a-vis the mainland of China, which we weren’t sensitive ample to feel and accumulate. And, for glorious, it has been exaggerated and misrepresented by very efficient propaganda, if I could perchance verbalize so.

Now I have to make an allure for cherish. It’s to not pity me, or to sympathise with me, nevertheless cherish for Hong Kong. And I’m glorious [name redacted] have that stable ardour and cherish for Hong Kong.

Then the request we’ve to quiz, every of us, is fix it, fix it? I must verbalize that I produce not have any diagram of ready choices, since the scene adjustments so lickety-split. A week within the past, we thought – ‘we’ design the core community within the govtwith just a few of our advisers – we thought that we’ve a slightly nonetheless weekend, perchance that’s the time to initiate up a dialogue with sincerity, with humility, and searching for to receive just a few of Hong Kong’s traditional disorders resolved. However, unfortunately, the final two days have again completely thrown that away and we are seeing escalated violence to the diploma of being insane. Whenever you occur to behold at a form of these TV photographs and videos of how policemen had been attacked etc.

However, for glorious, I’m glorious on your hearts you’re going to feel, and I’m glorious a orderly number of people feel that I keep have an answer, that is more likely to be a political one. However I must verbalize you that this is the keep the crux of the matter lies. As soon as a difficulty has been elevated to the scenario – I’m glorious [name redacted] has a better feel of that – to a national level, to a diagram of sovereignty and security level, let by myself within the midst of this diagram of unparalleled stress between the 2 mountainous economies within the enviornment. The room, the political room for the chief govt who, unfortunately, has to again two masters by constitution, that is the central people’s govt and the people of Hong Kong, that political room for maneuvering is amazingly, very, very exiguous. On memoir of we weren’t trained to have that diagram of national views, and I could perchance handiest cast off on putting in what I feel is the Hong Kong scenario and the Hong Kong sentiments. However whether these Hong Kong sentiments may perchance override the national perspective and the national sentiments? I’m glorious that now 1.Four billion mainland people already have formed a behold about what’s going down in Hong Kong. So, without going into lots more small print, I will have the ability to handiest fragment with you discreetly that the room for me to give a political scenario in present to abet the stress, nor to decrease the tension on my frontline law enforcement officials in present to on the least answer, or pacify the orderly number of nonetheless protesters who are so furious with the govt, with me namely, of absolutely ineffective silence no matter repeated participation within the protests, is what causes me the ideally expedient unhappiness.

So without that, what loads of design we’ve is Hong Kong’s core price, that is the guideline of legislation. The rule of legislation takes loads of forms, for glorious legislation enforcement, our law enforcement officials who had been suffering enormously this time, namely on an occasion when they are supposed to have an very qualified time a hundred seventy five years of police establishment, and namely at a time when they were so cheerful with the crime figures that are aloof coming down. In any case, the fundamental 1/2 yr we aloof noticed a drop of Four percent in whole crimes in Hong Kong, and that used to be the easiest considered in Hong Kong since 1972. And furthermore they’ve commissioned a stare to commemorate this occasion performed not by a pro-establishment community nevertheless by [name redacted], which indicated that self belief within the police after Purchase Central has rebounced to a historical high. That used to be the diagram of background to how mighty the police have suffered.

So the guideline of legislation requires legislation enforcement, so we’ve to kind out this escalating violence by fascinating these offenders and then put them by the justice gadget, whether it’s prosecution by the Division of Justice in an honest manner without any interference from myself or from the Central Folks’s govt, and then at final within the courts.

With a small bit bit of hope that may perchance aid because of we are seeing the numbers lowering. We started off by an estimate of about one to two thousand protesters who are very violent. Or put it that design, they are very willing to resort to violence. They couldn’t be violent by nature nevertheless they are very willing to resort to violence, so, as described by one expert, this is the, diagram of, early indicators of anarchism, that they don’t belief the establishment, they don’t mind destroying things even within the event that they don’t know what destruction will lift.

And must you behold on the day outdated to this’s loads of protests, it’s not handiest within the Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung dwelling, nevertheless then it unfold to Tsim Sha Tsui, Sham Shui Po, Wong Tai Sin. Every region of confrontations, we’re speaking about 50 to 300 on the least, they usually, usually because of they were flowing so there may be more likely to be some duplicates, so we is more likely to be seeing a smaller number. Whether it’s thanks to the Seven-hundred-plus arrests that we’ve made has slightly of deterrent discontinue, or eradicated a form of these factions, we’ve not had a stout prognosis, nevertheless we hope that with these efforts we is more likely to be ready, as I talked about, I’ll be very qualified with you, it may well be naïve for me to paint you a rosy image, that things will be ideally expedient or I have a closing date. However I will have the ability to guarantee you that Beijing would not have a closing date. They know this may perchance ripple on. So we’ve made particular preparations and there’ll be a 1st of October National Day celebrations nevertheless aloof having a form of disruptions. So we are going for a modest, nevertheless solemn diagram of celebrations on the first of October, which design that they and ourselves keep not have any expectations that we may perchance particular up this part before the first of October.

Any other part I have to ensure you, that is my have feeling the heartbeat and by discussions, CPG (Central Folks’s Govt) has absolutely no notion to ship within the PLA. They’re now doing, diagram of, acts which I’m glorious you’re slightly responsive to amongst the Communist Celebration, they’re objective slightly skittish now. On memoir of they know that the mark may perchance be too large to pay. Perchance they don’t care about Hong Kong, nevertheless they care about ‘one nation, two programs.’ They care about the nation’s world profile. It has taken China a truly very long time to diagram up to that diagram of world profile and to have some verbalize, not handiest being a mountainous economy nevertheless a to blame mountainous economy, so that you simply can forsake all these sure traits is clearly not on their agenda. However they’re willing to play long, they are willing to play long, so that you simply keep not have any instant-timeframe solution, Hong Kong suffers, you lose tourism, economy, you lose your IPOs and so, nevertheless you would’t keep mighty about it. However after all the pieces has been settled the nation will be there to reduction with perchance sure measures namely within the Elevated Bay Put. So our work on the Elevated Bay Put has in fact not stopped. We’re aloof putting in proposals to the Elevated Bay Put, namely something markets would esteem to hear, is a major ecological conservation notion which used to be drawn up by [name redacted]. She has left the govt, I have introduced her in on a part-time basis to design up this ecological conservation notion on your whole Elevated Bay Put when it involves biodiversity, air requirements, water etc.

So what may perchance [name redacted] aid us. For glorious, every of you has your have circle, you have gotten your have company, you have gotten your have connections, you have gotten your on-line enterprise contacts, so strive to provoke upon them that we in fact must put an rupture to the violence, this is fully alien to Hong Kong and strive to, as I talked about, allure for belief and cherish. We cherish this region, we take care of the people right here. Folks long-established to be very nonetheless and inclusive etc. In want to taking a residing on every yelp, both your friend or your foe, etc.

When the time comes, now Hong Kong has survived the loss of life pronounced by some people before 1997. At this level in time, despite the indisputable reality that I’m in fact pessimistic, nevertheless Hong Kong is just not ineffective yet. Perchance she is amazingly, very sick nevertheless she is just not ineffective yet. We aloof have fundamentals right here, we aloof have the nation within the aid of us. So Hong Kong will must undergo loads of levels. The major is stamping out the violence, perchance doing loads of things in time to come which for the time being are usually not very on hand. Having long undergone this stage, the next stage will be, basically based mostly on the bible, may perchance be resurrection. We can must come aid to lifestyles, some lifestyles. So thereafter we desire a reborn Hong Kong and a relaunching of this Hong Kong mark. [name redacted]

After her talk, Lam answered questions.

In answer to a request about the impression of the protests on colleges and universities, Lam talked about:

Successfully, thank you very mighty [name redacted]. We can continue to reduction the colleges. I’m meeting a community of faculty principals within this week alongside with the secretary for education. Let me objective answer your request in a in fact long-established design. I do know glorious factions in society have the feeling that we’re not firm and stable ample vis-a-vis these protesters. However the difficulty is, for glorious, is continuously creating with an argument that within the sunshine of the massive majority of the final public views and the people’s sentiments, this infuriate and this anxiousness etc, too stable a residing of the govtis more likely to be counterproductive. Though our research into international experiences in combating riots did require that diagram of forcefulness. Shall we verbalize, in 2011, in Tottenham riots 15,000 rioters enthusiastic, 2,000 were arrested, 1,000 put to penal complex following a in fact hasty process. From initiate up to produce is 5-6 weeks, by particular courts, evening courts, 24 hours. What would you take beneath consideration to be the Chief Justice’s reaction if I were to declare him, ‘may perchance you have gotten particular courts, evening courts, in present to particular all these conditions?’ Now we have arrested Seven-hundred-plus now. So there are alternatives that will be readily deployed in loads of countries that can not be long-established in Hong Kong.

The 2nd part is except for the 30,000 ladies and males folks within the pressure we’ve nothing. Genuinely. Now we have nothing. I have nothing. That’s something, is something we steer particular of. So meaning that whatever we are in a position to we’ve to fetch into stout memoir the police overview and reactions, so that you simply can present them some powers which they couldn’t put in pressure because of they’re outnumbered. They’re outnumbered not necessarily objective by the violent protesters, they’re outnumbered objective by people, which makes enforcement extremely complex when it involves crowd administration and crowd dispersal. So I’m not announcing that we’re not extreme a couple of few of these firmer measures nevertheless simply to display to you that within the Hong Kong scenario it’s very complex, namely with the media. And this is doubtless one in all Hong Kong’s weakest hyperlinks, or the govts weakest hyperlinks, that we don’t have a stable ample, diagram of, I wouldn’t verbalize propaganda, I dare not verbalize govt carries out propaganda, nevertheless on the least when it involves dissemination of lawful files we are very, very susceptible. If we dwell on this crisis, effectively there’ll be a orderly number of revamping that I must keep in present to inch away within the aid of a better scenario for my successor because of there are such a large amount of susceptible aspects within the govt, which we’ve not fully realized. We did heed slightly, nevertheless we did not fully heed that it’s miles more likely to be that tainted, when we are going into, or lawful into, a crisis.

In answer to a recommendation from the audience associated to the govts public relatives efforts:

I’m not responsive to that a hundred and twenty-web page tale [name redacted]. However what I have asked for, nevertheless that is more likely to be a small bit bit overtaken by events, that used to be nearly a month within the past, when we optimistically thought that we’d have some diagram of nonetheless moments, that we may perchance initiate up to ponder relaunching Hong Kong. So we despatched out something by the glorious bet companies department and invited eight such global PR companies, nevertheless unfortunately Four valid now declined because of that is more likely to be a detriment to their recognition to increase the Hong Kong SAR govt now, and two subsequently furthermore grew to become away a request for conferences. So we’re left with two. I’m jubilant to fulfill with these two most attention-grabbing personally, to survey what recommendation they’ve, nevertheless their recommendation will handiest be more relevant after we’ve long undergone this era.

Right here’s furthermore a in fact complex moment for us because of people fetch sides, and persons are very tremendously bowled over about what they call this ‘white fright,’ this harassment on them. The disclosing of small print [in Cantonese]. And so it’s not even very complex for us to receive a producing dwelling, a manufacture studio to keep things for us, so things may perchance aloof be performed in-dwelling or within the mainland. In the mainland then this causes considerations. The easy lamp posts, somebody found that the uncooked aspects came from a Shanghai factory and then they made a big sage out of it again. However when the time comes, I absolutely fetch on your recommendation that we may perchance aloof prefer just a few of this forms and initiate up talking to the these that may perchance aid, within the event that they are willing to reduction.

Transcript by James Pomfret and Greg Torode in Hong Kong. Edited by Peter Hirschberg.

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September 12, 2019

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