Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Journey CEO, makes recordsdata-targeted investment in Detroit – 60 Minutes – CBS News

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Journey CEO, makes recordsdata-targeted investment in Detroit – 60 Minutes – CBS News

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Journey, is testing out a brand current form of exchange investment in town of Detroit. The premise grew out of Dimon’s ardour in changing the kind the bank used to be collaborating in philanthropy. He wanted to strive and kind out a serious nationwide anxiety, esteem city poverty, by making exhaust of the identical form of craftsmanship and analytics to the matter that the bank uses to repeat edifying companies.

His first target, he acknowledged, would possibly maybe maybe be town of Detroit, factual after it filed for economic raze.

Jamie Dimon: Detroit would possibly maybe maybe very nicely be definitely one of doubtlessly the most sharp screw ups of an American city that we now maintain ever viewed. My understand is, why can’t we originate Detroit an example of The United States’s exceptionalism, maintain folks roll up their sleeves, occasion and exchange the tide of history honest there, honest now? 

So in 2014 Jamie Dimon picked up the phone and known as the then-current mayor of Detroit, Mike Duggan.

Mike Duggan, mayor of Detroit

Mike Duggan: My assistant came in and acknowledged, “Jamie Dimon’s on the phone.” And I acknowledged, “That’s an edifying twist of destiny. That’s the identical title as the president of doubtlessly the most sharp bank in The United States.” She acknowledged, “I safe it is the JPMorgan (LAUGH) Jamie Dimon.” I did not maintain any belief Jamie Dimon knew who I used to be. So I picked up the phone…I known

Lesley Stahl: He cold-known as?

Mike Duggan: Chilly known as. I factual– no– no warning. And I known his relate. He acknowledged, “I must be taught town of Detroit.”

For Mayor Duggan, the phone name used to be about as no longer seemingly as his victory factual months before. He received, surprisingly, as a write-in candidate, changing into the first white mayor of Detroit in forty years, in a city that’s nearly eighty% gloomy. 

Lesley Stahl: Describe Detroit for those that came in as Mayor.


Mike Duggan: Half of the streetlights in town had been out. How originate you get avenue lights mounted? A third of the buses had been in the storage broken down. Of us had been standing on avenue corners for hours– anticipating a bus. There were handiest eight working ambulances in your entire city. There were times potentialities are you’ll maybe maybe wait an hour for those that dialed 911. And between 2000 and 2013, 250,000 folks left town of Detroit. I point out, that’s bigger than your entire population of town of Buffalo. So in case potentialities are you’ll maybe maybe also take into consideration everyone in Buffalo leaving in thirteen years and leaving the total structures in the support of and empty. That’s what Detroit experienced main as much as economic raze.


This is what trim parts of Detroit regarded esteem: a bombed out warzone. Abandoned factories. Boarded up homes. 

On the origin, Dimon agreed to exhaust $a hundred million. No longer quite loads of money for the bank, or Detroit, nonetheless he knew that JPMorgan had something in a draw extra treasured.  

Jamie Dimon: So or no longer it just isn’t the cash, and that is a wanted thing. It used to be about the advantage, the advice, the consulting, the guidelines, the human capital.

And it used to be about the suggestions that the bank collects and crunches each day, extra info about exchange and patrons than the authorities collects. 

Jamie Dimon: We exhaust edifying recordsdata and artificial intelligence in working our businesses around the realm for risk and credit score and advertising. So here, we even maintain spacious recordsdata, too, about how folks exhaust their cash.

Lesley Stahl: Where their credit score playing cards are showing up.


Jamie Dimon: We can in actual fact witness where folks exhaust cash on credit score and debit playing cards and checks and where they’re spending, esteem, at restaurants, et cetera. That one portion of recordsdata creates where potentialities are you’ll maybe maybe also originate a retailer, where potentialities are you’ll maybe maybe also originate something numerous. 

Dimon had the analysts construct a database factual for Detroit. 

Jamie Dimon: So we know, in a particular a part of town, that you just’re traveling 20 minutes to rob milk or 20 minutes to transfer to a cafe, which design that a retailer would possibly maybe maybe very nicely be 10 minutes away.

Lesley Stahl: To be taught the younger entrepreneur, who needs to originate a cafe. And moreover you are telling him the supreme space to originate it.

Jamie Dimon: To be taught where you originate a cafe, where you do aside life like housing.

The first snarl of exchange used to be life like housing. Different investors, esteem the owners of Quicken Loans and Minute Ceasar’s Pizza, had been already pouring cash into the redevelopment of downtown. 

Sonya Mays and Jamie Dimon

So the mayor asked Dimon to be conscious of the blighted neighborhoods that the bank’s recordsdata identified as ripe for redevelopment, neighborhoods esteem this one in Detroit’s north stay.

Lesley Stahl: So that is conventional, huh?

Sonya Mays: Yeah, that is a terribly honest example of the challenges that the Detroit neighborhoods are going via.

Sonya Mays runs a non-profit housing building firm. She’s a legal suited, prone investment banker and Detroit native. With bigger than $4 million from JPMorgan Journey, she received 30 abandoned properties and vacant heaps so she would possibly maybe maybe work on revitalizing the total neighborhood on the identical time.

Sonya Mays: This is a edifying major investment that’s de facto supposed to kick open numerous investors, house owners, residents coming into this neighborhood. I point out stare at this. This is no longer gonna pull anybody here. It’s good to identify methods to tackle stuff esteem that. You in actual fact originate must attack everything that’s blighted that’s doubtlessly gonna force down property values–

Lesley Stahl: So you wish to originate the total avenue?

Sonya Mays: It’s good to originate it block by block. 

She’s benefitting from JPMorgan’s special program of steering funds to minority businesses that can maybe maybe not in any other case qualify for them. 

Lesley Stahl: Must you did not maintain the JPMorgan special program, potentialities are you’ll maybe maybe no longer maintain gotten the funds? 

Sonya Mays: We talked to quite loads of numerous folks. (LAUGHTER)

Lesley Stahl: No longer factual you, Jamie?

Sonya Mays: Yeah, and the– acknowledge– the acknowledge to that’s, no longer seemingly. The acknowledge to that’s, the supreme we doubtlessly would possibly maybe maybe’ve completed, nonetheless for this program and this investment is, originate a condo, attain a condo, promote a condo. Chase to the next house, originate a condo. And at that price, I– I did this math in some unspecified time in the future. At that price, esteem it– you know, it can maybe maybe have conclude esteem, you know, a couple centuries. 

Sonya Mays, Lesley Stahl and Jamie Dimon inner definitely one of Detroit’s renovated homes

This home is definitely one of several Sonya Mays has completed. 

Lesley Stahl: Oh wow.

Her work on this neighborhood has been so a hit she’s expanding it to numerous parts of Detroit. 

Lesley Stahl: Did not you gape, Jamie, that there used to be form of a racial bias in opposition to giving loans?

Jamie Dimon: Obvious.

Lesley Stahl: To blacks and numerous minorities?

Jamie Dimon: Yeah. I safe that’s real in uncomfortable neighborhoods. 

Lesley Stahl: Nonetheless in case you gape out that somebody esteem Sonya no longer basically her you give her a mortgage potentialities are you’ll maybe maybe no longer maintain before, nonetheless they’re paying it reduction. Are you starting to command that what you now maintain in thoughts volatile, has that changed? For your thoughts, must it exchange in all places?

Jamie Dimon: Are there are things that shall we were doing anyway in similar old banking that can maybe maybe’ve helped in these communities? The acknowledge would possibly maybe maybe very nicely be. 

In actuality, he is discovering out that, by partnering with local non-profit groups esteem the Kellogg Basis and growing an “entrepreneurs of color fund” that’s an experiment on that very anxiety of loans to minority businesses. 

Jamie Dimon: We started dinky, forty loans. They’re all paying reduction.

Lesley Stahl: Nonetheless those had been loans that potentialities are you’ll maybe maybe no longer maintain ordinarily made.

Jamie Dimon: No, No.

Lesley Stahl: So you changed the criterion for giving credit score to somebody–

Jamie Dimon: So that is nontraditional banking. I name it kinda endeavor banking. So stare beyond what you originate in overall. Safe a diminutive bit little bit of additional risk. Give them extra advantage.

The loans maintain long gone to originate a wine shop, a nicely being membership, a cafe. In all, JPMorgan Journey has helped bigger than 5,000 businesses here.

Jamie Dimon: Correct writing a test would not in actuality work thoroughly.

Dimon has moreover assembled groups of experts from the bank who exhaust weeks at a time residing and dealing in town and offering quite loads of purposeful advice.

Jamie Dimon: Very in overall, these entrepreneurs, they wanted advantage in: How originate you impress a lease? How originate you negotiate with the authorities? How can I open the usage of a worth range? How originate you construct online page traffic? How originate you originate social media? How can I enter the genuine banking system, which is what the final goal is? So yeah, it can maybe maybe also simply exchange how we originate banking for dinky exchange and we’re getting higher at it.


Lesley Stahl: Detroit used to be in a lotta effort before the monetary disaster. Nonetheless the monetary disaster factual did them in a hundred%. That– that used to be crushing. Develop you are feeling, in any design, that you just’re atoning for the sins of Wall Side road, for those that fade and do aside your effort into Detroit? Is that in your head?

Jamie Dimon: I’d no longer exhaust the discover ‘atone.’ I all– command we owe reduction to society. 

Lesley Stahl: Nonetheless Detroit, particularly? The monetary disaster factual decimated town.

Jamie Dimon: And I safe that all of us must re-construct our belief a diminutive bit bit thanks to what occurred. Or no longer it is k to whisper, “Yeah, we should always originate higher than we did final time.” And I safe that’s real for everyone that used to be mad by– in– the disaster.

The bank has moreover brought in additional investors whereas the mayor is working laborious to entice edifying-time producers reduction into town. 

Early this 365 days he persuaded Fiat Chrysler to construct a brand current plant that can maybe maybe point out 5,000 current jobs. The mayor wanted to make sure those companies that Detroit would possibly maybe maybe present nicely-trained workers. Nonetheless…   

Mike Duggan: Our residents did not maintain the abilities to meet many of those jobs. And Jamie Dimon had JPMorgan Journey originate a entire evaluation and it resulted in the program we now maintain on the present time, what we known as Detroit at Work, definitely one of doubtlessly the most sharp employment businesses in the country where we now get Detroiters, line them up for jobs at Fiat Chrysler, line them up for jobs in a entire different of areas.

From here they’re sent to job coaching solutions which, in line with JPMorgan’s evaluation, maintain redesigned their design.

Mike Duggan: We took all of the coaching solutions in town, and additionally they now handiest prepare for jobs folks are hiring for. Which can maybe maybe simply seem obvious, on the opposite hand it wasn’t before.

A spread of the coaching solutions are toddle by non-profit groups esteem Level of interest Hope.

Lesley Stahl: So this form of thing would possibly maybe maybe very nicely be on the Chrysler plant, for instance. 

Jamie Dimon: Yeah.

That got a $1.Three Million grant from JPMorgan Journey.

Or no longer it is all a part of town’s long sport to reverse Detroit’s long decline. Or no longer it is an effort, the mayor says, that’s a push in opposition to history.

Mike Duggan: It goes reduction to the federal insurance policies in the 1930s. That would no longer lend in areas where folks of color lived. You maintain had a long time of federal insurance policies which maintain worked in opposition to folks of color to be taught Caucasians leaving cities. 

Lesley Stahl: JPMorgan Journey has now committed $200 million–

Mike Duggan: Factual. Factual.

Lesley Stahl: –to town. Is that sufficient? I point out, your complications price design bigger than that. 

Mike Duggan: No one’s announcing JPMorgan Journey is the savior of town by itself. , we now maintain got quite loads of most major investors on this town. Nonetheless they maintain got been an major portion. They pushed this recovery of town along the track sooner than it woulda been.

Lesley Stahl: How a ways along the concept maintain you advance thus a ways. 

Mike Duggan: I’d instruct we’re about the third inning of the sport. (LAUGH)

Lesley Stahl: Third inning of the sport.

Mike Duggan: We got a edifying distance to transfer, nonetheless we’re definitely on the honest course.

JPMorgan Journey has now committed half a billion dollars to lift conclude what or no longer it is learned in Detroit and export it to, amongst numerous cities, Chicago and Washington D.C.

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