June Eleven, 2019 | eight:38pm

Mary Max — the wife of pop artist Peter Max who committed suicide on Sunday of their Upper West Facet rental — had attempted to capture her maintain life earlier than, chums acknowledged.

A couple of sources knowledgeable Page Six that Mary, Fifty two, had tried to commit suicide “years ago” and succeeded this previous weekend.

She was came upon in the rental she shared with Peter, 81, on Riverside Drive shut to West 84th Avenue on Sunday evening, law enforcement officers acknowledged. The motive for loss of life was acknowledged to be “nitrogen asphyxiation” however stays underneath investigation.

Sources knowledgeable Page Six that a Can also blockbuster Fresh York Times profile — on psychedelic artist Peter’s alleged “developed dementia,” and his family’s bitter fight to manipulate his life, art and legacy — had taken its toll on Mary.

“She wasn’t elated with it,” acknowledged a buddy concerning the article, which detailed the sparkling fight Mary has been in with Peter’s kids since 2015.

“For five years and counting . . . the artist’s family, chums and colleagues possess been trading lurid courtroom allegations of kidnapping, hired goons, attempted abolish by Brazil nut, and schemes to wring mighty extra cash out of what was already one of basically the most winning art franchises in modern times,” reported the Times.

The fraction recounted how Mary — Peter’s second wife, whom he met in 1996 — asked a courtroom to nominate a guardian to supervise her husband’s commerce, and the absolute most life like plan she alleged that Peter’s son, Adam, had effectively “kidnapped” his father.

Adam reportedly fired abet that he was maintaining his dad from Mary’s “verbal and bodily abuse,” and the fraction acknowledged, “Loads of sworn affidavits described [Mary] as a neglectful, even punishing, resolve in her husband’s life.”

The 2015 case was “disposed,” in accordance to courtroom data, and a mediate ordered Peter to remain underneath Mary’s care.

His daughter, Libra, recently returned to Fresh York to befriend the ill artist.

Mary reportedly left “farewell messages” with a buddy for family contributors, alongside side for her husband, a brother and her ninety four-year-historical mother. A receive for the family did no longer comment.