Metallica scares off wildcat – BC News – Castanet.internet

Metallica scares off wildcat – BC News – Castanet.internet

Metallica scares off wildcat

Photo: CTV News

Denise Valorous

A Vancouver Island lady performed a song by heavy metal band Metallica to dread off a stalking cougar.

Denise Valorous used to be mountain climbing on a logging avenue approach Duncan alongside with her dogs unhurried last month when she felt one thing used to be following them.

“When I review over to my appropriate, there he used to be,” Valorous told CTV News. “The cougar.”

“Acquire out of here! Inch on! Acquire! Detestable kitty!” she yelled, however the expansive cat kept following.

So she became to heavy metal to dread the cat away.

“I went through my ITunes and thought ‘what’s the loudest most impactful song I’m in a position to fetch?’” Valorous mentioned.

When she performed Metallica’s Don’t Tread On Me at elephantine quantity, the wild animal took off.

“The first three, four notes of the intro and he used to be merely gone,” she mentioned.

A representative of the band even contacted her and mentioned this could be reaching out to her in the approach future.

– with recordsdata from CTV Vancouver Island

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August 14, 2019

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