Mexican Song Pioneer Celso Piña Tiring At 66 : Alt.Latino – NPR

Mexican Song Pioneer Celso Piña Tiring At 66 : Alt.Latino – NPR

An target market in los Angeleles fragment its love for Celso Piña.

Courtesy of the Artist

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Courtesy of the Artist

An target market in los Angeleles fragment its love for Celso Piña.

Courtesy of the Artist

The prolific and critical Mexican accordion participant Celso Piña died Wednesday of a heart assault in his native land of Monterrey, Mexico. He changed into once 66 years venerable.

His file stamp, La Tuna Data, supplied Piña’s dying on Thursday.

Piña contributed very much to the evolution of cumbia. The Colombian folks genre has had a exciting lifestyles span since its seventeenth century origins and in actual fact few musicians beget added to that vivid historical previous greater than Celso Piña.

As we explained on this Alt.Latino episode, the genre has roots within the African slave trade and percolated as regional dance operate except it became the soundtrack to the upscale ballrooms and nightclubs of Mexico at some stage within the Fifties and ’60s. A young Celso Piña first heard it within the ’70s and changed into once at final drawn to the Colombian accordion masters who played both cumbia and its musical cousin, vallenato. He channeled that keenness into Celso Piña y su Ronda Bogotá, a band he started along with his brothers Eduardo, Rubén and Enrique.

How a toddler from the dusty mountain town of Monterrey on the northern fringe of Mexico became identified for transporting Colombian folks song to levels all over the field is fragment of the vivid yarn he leaves within the relief of. He came to be identified as “El Rebelde del Acordeón” (The Rebel of the Accordion) as he deftly and artistically inserted cumbia into a massive swath of most modern Latin song from hip-hip to rock to digital and beyond. Barrio Bravo (2002) earned him a Latin Grammy nomination nonetheless more importantly it kickstarted a series of excessive-profile collaborations with artists equivalent to Cafe Tacvba, Lila Downs, Gloria Trevi, Natalia Lafourcade amongst so many others. He changed into once factual featured on a single by Mexican-Cuban artist Leiden’s song “Tu Boca.”

Presumably the most provocative measure of an artist’s success is now not awards and gross sales figures nonetheless the honor and admiration of their peers. The prolific Mexican producer and performer Camilo Lara produced several songs for Celso Piña and changed into once overseeing his final recording session factual final week. Lara wrote this about his musical compadre for Alt.Latino:

The final of the rebels is long previous.

Celso Piña changed into once now not a typical song star. He changed into once the final of the underdogs. An idol who came from the barrio, to the barrio, and afterward, to the field. Thru local songs that talked about very explicit things from his community, he despatched a typical message. In the discontinue, all of us chortle, cry … and dance.

The legacy Celso left is in total necessary. He let prosperous folks know there would possibly perchance be a massive tradition in unfortunate Mexican neighborhoods. He changed into once a proud ambassador of his beloved Barrio Independencia.

Celso changed into another time punk than any punk I’ve ever identified. He went on experimental escapades with pop artists, hip-hop, electronica and all sorts of sounds. He changed into once the architect of Nu-Cumbia, creating the seminal song “Cumbia Sobre el Rio,” mixing former cumbia and sizzling and alluring digital beats.

He changed into once the crystal ball announcing cumbia changed into once going to be (over all another time) THE song for youth taking a leer for answers. He changed into once the soundtrack of the brand new counterculture.

Gabriel García Márquez known as him El Acordeonista de Hamelin (the accordion participant of Hamelin). Celso changed into once a unifier. His song changed into once the valid meaning of democracy: no topic when you happen to had been venerable, young, full, skinny, gargantuan or short, it is most likely you’ll perchance no doubt dance to his song.

I’ve always desired to be be pleased Celso. An outsider, a insurrection. Anyone happy with his roots nonetheless along with his eyes on the future. Now he is subsequent to all my idols. Strummer, Marley, Malcolm McClaren, Augustus Pablo.

One ingredient I do know for obvious: his song made this world a minute bit greater put of dwelling. These of us that knew him will be mindful him as a generous trainer and buddy.


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August 23, 2019

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