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Placido Domingo, indubitably one of many most winning and prolific opera singers of all time, has been accused by a amount of girls of sexual harassment, in accordance to a brand new investigation by the Connected Press. The testimonies given by eight singers and a dancer, corroborated by dozens of associates, chums, and co-workers from within and without the opera world, present an story of a individual who over the course of three a protracted time consistently worn his discipline to stress girls into sexual relationships, usually with the promise of jobs or preferential treatment, and who would attributable to this truth punish them professionally, with plenty of girls sustaining that after refusing his advances they bear been never hired to work alongside with his firm again.

In a set of interviews that consistently counsel identical tactics employed by the legendary performer, the girls tells experiences of preliminary unwanted bodily contact in the arrangement of labor. (As indubitably one of many singers says, “A commercial lunch is no longer uncommon. Any individual seeking to withhold your hand in the course of a commercial lunch is uncommon—or inserting their hand in your knee is a runt bit uncommon. He changed into the least bit times touching you in some formulation, and the least bit times kissing you.”) From there, Domingo would allegedly usually note up with plenty of calls to the girls at dwelling, usually gradual at evening, insisting they meet up with him at a resort or his home, usually suggesting it’d be about occupation recommendation. On the other hand, as detailed in the experiences of loads of the girls, these encounters with the singer would lead to his making an try to kiss or fondle them, most frequently more. A mezzo-soprano (no longer indubitably one of many accusers) who as soon as labored on the LA Opera, the save Domingo is director, instructed the AP, “There might be an oral custom of warning girls against Placido Domingo.”

Completely indubitably one of many girls, retired singer Patricia Wulf, felt score adequate to coast on the file, the varied girls asserting they feared public harassment or reprisal from within their substitute. Two of the girls acknowledged sooner or later giving in to his advances, asserting they feared their entire careers bear been in jeopardy in the occasion that they refused them. As effectively as to the nine accusers, a half-dozen diverse girls supplied testimony about suggestive habits from Domingo that made them melancholy, as effectively as nearly three dozen diverse singers, dancers, musicians, backstage workers, and more who acknowledged they’d witnessed inferior sexual habits by Domingo, usually on more than one occasion, and that the long-married singer changed into eminent for pursuing younger girls in the synthetic “with impunity.”

Detailed accounts of each of the womens’ testimonies are supplied in the AP investigation. Domingo did no longer answer to explicit questions assassinate the AP about any of the allegations in question, but he did start a public commentary:

“The allegations from these unnamed individuals dating relief as many as thirty years are deeply troubling, and as presented, incorrect. Aloof, it’s a ways painful to hear that I’m in a position to also simply bear upset anybody or made them in fact feel melancholy—no topic how formulation relief and despite my simplest intentions. I believed that every of my interactions and relationships bear been the least bit times welcomed and consensual. Folk that know me or who bear labored with me know that I am no longer somebody who would intentionally destroy, offend, or embarrass anybody. On the other hand, I acknowledge that the foundations and standards in which we’re—and desires to be—measured against on the modern time are very diverse than they bear been in the previous. I am blessed and privileged to bear had a more than 50-year occupation in opera and might maybe bear to mute withhold myself to the most effective standards.”

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August 13, 2019

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