Popeyes Worker Made Rooster Sandwiches on Trash Bin, Owner Apologizes – TMZ

Popeyes Worker Made Rooster Sandwiches on Trash Bin, Owner Apologizes – TMZ

Popeyes Worker
Rooster Sandos Made on Trash Bin
Owner Apologizes, Explains

Eleven/Eleven/2019 9:fifty two AM PT

Weird and wonderful


A Popeyes employee used to be caught making their now-shocking chicken sandwiches above a trash can — for which the owner has now taken fat responsibility and corrected.

TMZ has obtained some slightly shocking photos taken Friday at a Popeyes restaurant in Fairfax, VA — the build it appears an employee at the help of the counter is like a flash at work inserting collectively as many sandos as most likely. However, it be being executed on high of a tray that’s conveniently resting on high of a wide trash bin … and the setup used to be in customers’ line of stare.

The placement begs many different questions — the evident one being … WHY? No longer enough counter home? No longer enough fingers on deck? Too well-known interrogate? Turns out, it used to be slightly well-known all the above, per this spot’s owner.

The man tells us that on this particular day, the restaurant used to be overwhelmed after top having been originate a pair of days, after which getting slammed with a 100 chicken sandwich stammer.


He says when he seen his restful workers the use of the bin — which he claims used to be fully empty — he right away ordered one other desk, which is within the store now.

Obviously, right here’s trusty essentially the most contemporary eyebrow-raising behavior that’s surfaced all around the last week or so since Popeyes reintroduced their viral sensation sandwich.


We already know folk enjoy been losing their minds at quite a lot of diversified areas nationwide over these items, with customers and workers coming to blows … and within the worst incident, someone used to be fatally stabbed.

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November 11, 2019

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