Revamped Galaxy Fold fixes previous errors: What’s new in Samsung’s foldable phone – CNET

Revamped Galaxy Fold fixes previous errors: What’s new in Samsung’s foldable phone – CNET


The brand new, improved Galaxy Fold.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is back and better than ever. After acquire flaws began inflicting reviewers’ phone monitors to interrupt, Samsung postponed the Fold’s free up date and went back to the drawing board to repair the difficulty. Now, a new and improved Galaxy Fold will lag on sale in September, starting in Korea and branching out all the way by Asia and Europe before heading to the US. (Right here’s what we know about preordering the fastened Fold.)

I obtained of project to head fingers-on with the redesigned model, which Samsung says will assist away from incurring the roughly ruin that brought about some reviewers’ monitors to interrupt. (CNET’s review unit never broke, however the hide did assist scratches.)

Samsung’s fixes true the Galaxy Fold’s early concerns, however it additionally marks a shift in the phone maker’s approach for promoting the instrument. The $1,980 Galaxy Fold used to be speculated to be a atomize hit that secured Samsung’s space as an innovator.  Early adopters would clamor for it. It would change into the supreme image of website and luxury. But now these changes signify Samsung’s errors, and the firm seems less fervent that it the Fold will sell. 

This new acquire seems basically the a connected as before, with refined changes that invent it more grand to ruin the Galaxy Fold’s speedy-witted plastic hide. As an illustration, Samsung has fully removed the quiz of whether the protective layer on top of the unique acquire used to be an now not obligatory hide protector or a important piece of the expose’s integrity — it used to be if fact be told the latter, as some reviewers realized the hard way earlier this twelve months. 

Unfolding the Fold additionally feels assorted. Smoother, more than seemingly. Sturdier. I consistently preferred opening and closing the unique acquire right by my time with the phone: The sensation of resistance as you closed the hide and felt the magnetic sides snap shut. 

Now it feels more full somehow. It is hard to claim why precisely, with the unique Galaxy Fold up to now in the rearview mirror and fair my memory for comparison. Earlier than this week, the final time I held the Fold used to be in mid-April. Right here’s every way the Galaxy Fold has modified.


The magnetic closure snapping the monitors together feels fair as precise.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

No visible hide protector

 Ought to you peel this off, it straight away makes the Fold’s hide unusable. Now, this polymer layer extends beneath the plastic bezel. It is gentle there however you can’t peek it, and that’s how it ought to be.

Display caps at the ends of the phone

Fresh T-formed plastic “caps” traipse up air gaps that existed before while you fold the phone’s hide — right here’s the slack that’s created as piece of the kinetic task. I attempted jamming my fingernails spherical this piece to peek if I will also assemble any openings, however wasn’t able to. That’s reassuring.

Reinforced hide

The old Galaxy Fold acquire had a layer of metallic supporting a cushiony layer and then the end half of the expose. Samsung says this brought about the hide crease that runs down the phone’s heart to peek more eminent. Now it be reinforced the hide by adding a 2nd layer of metallic on top of that cushion. We will peek if that reduces the crease’s appearance and additionally keeps ruin by urgent too hard on the expose at bay.


What hide protector? That layer is gentle there, however you now not peek it and that’s fair.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

No more Astro Blue or Martian Inexperienced colors

The blue and inexperienced colors if fact be told took the Fold over the end, however Samsung told us that it’s miles going to most attention-grabbing sell the Fold in silver and unlit now. It is a shame, however I’m now not if fact be told bowled over. Samsung would be getting ready for fewer gross sales as a results of waning enthusiasm, and therefore preserving its production counts in test. 

No Galaxy Fold 5G in the US

Anybody in Korea who buys the Galaxy Fold will earn the 5G model by default, however the reverse is fair in the US — it be 4G most attention-grabbing for that market. Samsung says that the 5G model will reach to comprehend worldwide locations, naturally at a better tag than the 4G model if the two are sold aspect by aspect. That contains the UK, where the Galaxy Fold 5G will be on hand from EE from Sept. 18.

End tuned for more photos and my fingers-on video that exhibits you precisely what’s new and assorted in this 2nd coming of the Galaxy Fold. Within the meantime, read on about how Samsung’s next foldable phone can also very effectively be formed esteem a sq..

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