Screenshot Saturday Sunday: Surreal dogventures, politics, and a Hotline Miami pizza celebration

Screenshot Saturday Sunday: Surreal dogventures, politics, and a Hotline Miami pizza celebration

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! Our weekly take a look at-in with the weird and wild world of pc sport pattern. With everyone in lockdown, what higher technique to feign reference to the skin world than bonding over some decisively unfinished screenshots? This week: surrealist low-fi landscapes, an unconventional crossbow, slamming the closing gash, and a runt chook that’s all over all once more soliciting for your monetary toughen.

First up – I’m now no longer obvious what a “surreal dogventure sport” is presupposed to entail, but developer Aaron AKA shiisaicecream is serving up some inserting appears to be like to be.

🐕☀#screenshotsaturday #lowpoly #indiedev #gamedev #indiegame #indiegamedev

— 🤪 (@shiisaicecream) March 22, 2020

Aaron’s been busy, posting three compilations of low-res, otherworldly landscapes on this week’s designate. Pitch unlit underground caverns, put for a single blue orb’s glow. A radio tower, gleaming in a 420p distance. I’ve posted so a lot of considerably-PS1 impressed appears to be like to be in my tenure working this column (and I’ll potentially set up them on hiatus subsequent weekend), but there’s something infinitely compelling about worlds so weird they are able to’t even be rendered crisply.

We’ve all been there. You’re at a flat celebration, it’s getting leisurely, and all americans’s looking at the closing cool gash of pizza. Let’s now no longer receive so bloody about it, eh?

This was an intense #LastSlice match the put we were all on the closing gash to clutch. There is three toppings in carry out: mushrooms that make afterimages, pineapple that can randomly swap participant’s positions, and pepperoni provides stagger enhance.#gamedev #madewithunity #screenshotsaturday

— Jason Gertner ⛅ (@JasoonMargoon) March 22, 2020

Final Lop, Shattered Journal’s stressful top-down arcade brawler is highly worthy Hotline Miami at a pizza celebration. The twist? Properly, it’s multiplayer for one – four gamers battle it out to take the closing chunk. Nonetheless every round, a brand current ingredient provides a brand current twist to play. Chowed down on some inviting pepperoni, you receive a stagger enhance. Pineapples, for no subject motive, will initiating up teleporting gamers randomly. It appears to be like to be a correct blast, and it’s gotten me mighty hungry.

Our subsequent title isn’t the prettiest – yet. Nonetheless it completely’s exhibiting off some tremendous weapon form, with rather of little bit of Murky Messiah thrown in for appropriate measure.

Vibrant delighted with my replacement for the Gravity Bomb. The Bubble Arrow per chance sounds uncool but it is system more varied and fun #screenshotsaturday #gamedev

— Alexey ‘cptnsigh’ (@cptnsigh) March 21, 2020

Developer Alexey AKA cptnsigh has been posting frigid-as-hell Shady Knight weapon clips for weeks. Daggers that search bloodlet foes, grappling hooks straight outta the Mortal Kombat playbook. Nonetheless this balloon crossbow is an all-time big – a just attempting small mobility instrument that shall be used to enviornment up devilishly bouncy traps.

Finally, as a bonus this week. We know you all reach right here for some top, politics-free gaming. Nonetheless these gosh-dang rascals at Skatebird get entirely gone and sullied our screenshots with presidential candidate Birdie Sanders.

Dis #screenshotsaturday be aware 2 vote four Birdie Sanders

— SkateBIRD (@skatebirb) March 21, 2020

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March 24, 2020

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