“The Greatest” by Lana Del Rey Analysis – Pitchfork

“The Greatest” by Lana Del Rey Analysis – Pitchfork

The stakes beget never been increased. In Lana Del Rey’s most up-to-date tune “The Greatest,” a entire era is burned out. The enviornment is getting hotter. Hope is a dwindling helpful resource. We don’t beget important time left. Worst of all, the weak highs aren’t hitting rather the an identical. “I need shit to feel just worship it feeble to,” she sings with a quiver as a tragic piano motif descends at the assist of her. Lana’s songs beget repeatedly sounded worship lonely missives from the spoil of the sphere with a beachside leer; the variation is now we’re staring at the clock tick down alongside her. “If right here is it,” she sings, “I had a ball.”

Esteem every thing we’ve heard from upcoming album Norman Fucking Rockwell!, “The Greatest” is a kaleidoscope of classic-rock radio transmitted by Lana’s hushed, psychedelic lens. The drums roll in dumb circulation, the guitar solos are fuzzy, the piano is recorded so that it is doubtless you’ll possibly well possibly feel the shag carpet beneath it. As a replacement of luxuriating in vintage textures, Lana is careworn out, eulogizing her dead childhood while time and all as soon as more incorporating the phrases “the culture is lit,” as if attempting to dance by the tears. Her fresh video pairs the ballad with “Fuck It I Love You,” an ode to California and self-destruction. The juxtaposition of the songs appears inevitable; her dreams of destroy out repeatedly result within the an identical snarl.

Esteem a long, dramatic shot of a drifter leaving the scene, “The Greatest” fades with a record of rhyming epitaphs that safe to a stunner of a coda: “L.A.’s in flames, it’s getting hot/Kanye West is blonde and gone/‘Existence on Mars’ ain’t only a tune,” she sings before snapping assist to the fresh 2nd: “Oh, the live disappear’s virtually on.” It’s a roguish, reliable design to divulge a frequent feeling of helplessness and overstimulation. And if she sounds extra at peace than the comfort of us, it’s on story of she’s been right here some time, anticipating us to remove up before it’s too dumb.

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August 22, 2019

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