The Masked Singer Introduces the Final Four Contestants Earlier than Unmasking and Booting One in all Them – TooFab

The Masked Singer Introduces the Final Four Contestants Earlier than Unmasking and Booting One in all Them – TooFab

TV’s worst panel has fully no thought who is beneath the mask of the shedding celeb this week … are their guesses getting worse?

It became the closing allotment of the considerable spherical of competition on “The Masked Singer,” introducing us to the final batch of masked celebrities we had to seize a opinion at and name.

And appropriate away, we had been handled to two seasoned professionals and two … no longer. But the quite a lot of two both gave us excessive comedy vibes, cracking us up with their antics all over their performances.

On the identical time, these contemporary celebs proved appropriate as elusive as the considerable dozen we have met, though we’re initiating to feel like we have some appropriate guesses on three of them.

As for the fourth, who also became the one eliminated on the evening, we had fully no clue. And neither did TV’s worst panel, so we do no longer feel rather as atrocious. Assume us, when they know and we do no longer, we feel abominable!

Tonight, it became the weakest performer who received the boot, nonetheless we are going to accumulate you energy thru the unpleasant (and infrequently appropriate) guesses made by our illustrious panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. We accumulate this on account of we like … to torture you.


Flower could merely have been dull to hit the stage, nonetheless as soon as she began to blueprint, she dominated it. With out powerful motion, like a Mariah Carey, she on the other hand had total adjust from high to bottom, besides as a in fact distinctive and raspy divulge. Could perchance perchance this be the display’s first tale?

Guesses: In step with the clue package deal, there have been allege allusions to Mariah and Tina Turner, though the divulge became positively nearer to the Tina college of belief. Nicole went to 1 of final yr’s accepted guesses, Patti LaBelle, which is never always in fact a atrocious belief, both.

Jenny latched onto the be aware “empire” within the clue package deal and came up with Taraji P. Henson, nonetheless we’re unsure she’d call herself a tale. She also mentioned she’s been in every field, from baking to dresses to crafts … and constantly wears makeup (even to the meals market), so there is a diva utter besides.

Robin did no longer appear to have a bet, in its save throwing out popular singers with that roughly fluctuate, while Ken threw all his chips into the very depraved Bjork basket. The web perceived to attend the Patti thought, though we did question an enticing bet for Macy Grey, who has a the same rasp to what we heard.

Honest like Gladys Knight final yr, I accept as true with the judges appropriate bet the legends depraved on cause🤷🏾‍♂️. They know damn well that flower is Patti Labelle 😂 #MaskedSinger

— Chester M. Tucker (@Beats4pnm) October 10, 2019

#maskedsinger flower macy grey!!

— Bella Millz (@only1BellaMillz) October 10, 2019

#MaskedSinger Patti Labelle is simply the flower.

— Principal person. Gentle. Uterus. (@Karakaradu) October 10, 2019

The judges on The Masked Singer are the worst guessers like yea I am crawl MARIAH CAREY had nothing better to accumulate than pronounce for you in an flower costume

— Lexi Featherston (@lindsayl0whan) October 10, 2019

Eagle became doing a in fact karaoke version of Meat Loaf, so clearly this wasn’t a licensed singer by any system. But he has a obvious attraction about him, and a natural humorousness that comes thru in body language. He’s no longer … appropriate, per se, nonetheless he’s inviting.

Guesses: Robin had a immense bet off the end with Howard Stern, as Eagle dropped a full bunch hints about doing interviews, taking note of varied of us’s tales and hanging out with rock stars. Also within the preview episode, he dropped a slightly about 105.eight (Eagle’s body temp) that can perchance simply be a radio region.

Eagle also spoke about shedding a dad or mum currently and struggling a well being terror. That set apart Robin into Pauly Shore, who currently lost his mother, while Jenny juggled Howard Stern and Adam Carrola (and later Jeff Goldblum). Ken Jeong, nonetheless, went with Craig Ferguson.

I accept as true with the Eagle is Brett Michaels

a) his dad died in August

b) he has had a well being terror

c) he wears crimson bandanas

— Michelle McMahon 🐾 (@Michelle241994) October 10, 2019

#MaskedSinger # Eagle= Tom Inexperienced

— Shannon (@sg1968) October 10, 2019

Lady I am no longer even about to fake like I do know who this Eagle is #MaskedSinger

— Domo P (@bydominiquebey) October 10, 2019

Winner: Flower


Penguin did no longer come upon as a licensed singer, and in fact appeared worried to be doing this at all. A puny presence, she became clearly out of her comfort zone, nonetheless she stayed in tune and had a stress-free quality and tone to her divulge.

Guesses: Jenny came out with a proper bet after Penguin’s package deal notorious that she had been instructed she wasn’t gorgeous, easy or laughable ample with Kathy Griffin. After her performance, she mentioned she did no longer feel any judgment at all, which aloof match.

She also had pleasant list that included comedy membership house owners, casting directors, the click and herself and talked about her profession being on ice, which came about to Kathy after her monstrous Donald Trump beheading photo.

An earlier bet became Raven-Symone, which Robin resurfaced after Penguin grabbed Cut’s butt, and that’s yet every other proper bet. The web became in every single location, with guesses from Tonya Harding to Lindsay Lohan and Amy Schumer, and even some more crimson meat up for Raven-Symone. Truthfully, they’re as lost as we’re.

The penguin is Tonya Harding #MaskedSinger

— Virginia Coleman (@VirgCole381) October 10, 2019

I accept as true with the penguin is raven Simone idk why , I appropriate accumulate #MaskedSinger

— PrettyDarkSkinn🌸 (@_Kaaliaah) October 10, 2019

Anyone else accept as true with the penguin would be Amy Schumer, constantly being instructed theyre no longer prettyand no longer laughable?? #maskedsinger

— Ethan Marquardt (@EthanMarquardt5) October 10, 2019

Fox has a theatricality about him that permeated every second of that performance, like this became a Broadway stage. He has a complex and knowledgeable sounding divulge, like right here is one thing he’s been doing for a actually long time.

Guesses: Our first bet, out of nowhere, became “Hamilton” breakout star Leslie Odom Jr. based fully totally on his body language and presence, and Jenny McCarthy threw his title out, too. Nicole went with Anthony Mackie, as the clue package deal mentioned on-air superhero persona.

Fox also had a clue about dabbling in varied genres from Doogie to Doubtfire, which would be “Doogie” co-star Max Casella, who has a Broadway background and appeared in a “Big Momma” movie, which has a “Mrs. Doubtfire”-like premise.

They better no longer insist Jaime Fox #MaskedSinger

— The Fabricate Better, Sis Podcast (@DoBetterSis_pod) October 10, 2019

Ken persevered his no longer slump by guessing Tyrese Gibson, sooner than switching to Jamie Foxx after Fox spoke, nonetheless that’s a bit of too on the nostril. The web, on the quite a lot of hand, became feeling a in fact Wayne Brady vibe, which is yet every other proper bet. Wayne appeared with Neil Patrick Harrison on “How I Met Your Mother” and Robin Williams dropped by “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Keep in mind the fox is @WayneBrady #MaskedSinger

— Jewels (@GodsJewels) October 10, 2019

The Fox is surely Wayne Brady. One in all his clues mentioned Doogie and he became on How I Met Your Mother. Increase. #MaskedSinger

— ajw (@ajwalrod) October 10, 2019

The Fox is Wayne Brady! #MaskedSinger

— Sam Van Alstine (@NLVanAlstine) October 10, 2019

Winner: Fox

SMACKDOWN : Eagle vs Penguin

Eagle laid down some smacktalk, nonetheless Penguin came attend with a elephantine-blown karate kick. Both had been giving off a proper comedic vibe by this point, nonetheless we had been positively feeling Penguin more as an overall entertainer … plus, her divulge became stronger, if aloof no longer proper ample to seize this display.

Winner: Explore, this one became nearly a no-brainer. Penguin has the sweetest personality and he or she’s a bit of spitfire besides. Plus, as the stronger singer and greater personality — surprisingly — she became a lock to seize this spherical, sending Eagle to the unmasking.



Earlier than the closing unmasking, it became time for the closing guesses. Jenny settled on Adam Carrola, while Robin argued himself into Howard Stern, which became our final bet besides (even supposing we accept as true with Howard is simply too huge).. Ken doubled down on Craig Ferguson, while Nicole switched it up after the Smackdown to transfer with Jeff Foxworthy.

But bet what, we had been all depraved and system off, because it became Dr. Drew Pinsky from “Lovelines.” Who knew he had a singer’s need within him? Oh, and it became over again shut to residence for Ken, as he aged to have in for Dr. Drew on his display, while Jenny became shut alongside side her bet, as he’s allotment of Adam Carolla’s network of reveals.

“The Masked Singer” airs Wednesday nights at eight p.m. ET on Fox.

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