their 50s, 60s and 70s exhaust technology …

their 50s, 60s and 70s exhaust technology …


Skills Explain and Attitudes amongst Mid-Existence and Older American citizens Adults 50-plus are Empowered by Tech Instrument of Probability The attach Their Pockets is Fervent ninety two% 70% forty three% 23% 7% Users composed rep computers S over smartphones for actions appealing money. exhaust a e-reader exhaust a exhaust a pc pc or desktop exhaust a tablet exhaust a dwelling assistant neat phone Make a elevate Computer | seventy nine% Smartphone 35% Comparative store for reductions or deals Lock Computer sixty one% Entrance Door Smartphone 1 37% Produce banking or monetary transactions The Multi-Explain Smartphone Computer seventy nine% Smartphone | 35% 89% ship & receive email or texts Info Privacy Alert forty two% play games 41% salvage now not belief that their information is protected online.yet seventy seven% salvage site site visitors & instructions 28% arrange medical care on their telephones ONLY exhaust two-narrate 34% gape video or reveals 33) identification Connected to BFFS and Household on a fashioned foundation change their passwords on ONLY 45) principal accounts of adults 50-plus exhaust ninety one% technology to hold linked ONLY 86* % connect through textual philosophize messaging SEND fifty eight% like a passcode on their smartphone seventy two% connect through social media” “Social media utilization has grown over 112% since 2011 Source: AARP Skills Explain and Attitudes amongst Mid-Existence and Older AARP American citizens, January 2018 ( information-2018/technology-exhaust-attitudes.html) “Scarborough USA+ 2011-2017 Originate 1 Valid Possibilities Contacts: Oscar Anderson, (AARP Analysis)

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June 30, 2020

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