US has surveillance video of a imaginable war crime by Turkish-backed forces in Syria – CNN

US has surveillance video of a imaginable war crime by Turkish-backed forces in Syria – CNN

Washington (CNN)As President Donald Trump prepares to welcome Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the White Dwelling on Wednesday, two US protection officials notify CNN that the US protection power is in possession of no longer no longer as much as one drone surveillance video which the US believes captured a imaginable war crime being perpetrated by Turkish-commanded fighters in Syria.

The existence of the video used to be first reported by The Wall Avenue Journal.
One amongst the officials cautioned that while the video appears to be like to demonstrate a imaginable additional-judicial execution of a detainee by Turkish-affiliated fighters, they acknowledged it does no longer signify conclusive proof of Turkey’s culpability in a war crime, in allotment this capacity that of the tremendous of the video and absence of additional info relating to the circumstances being shown.
US officials maintain veritably acknowledged that it be imaginable Turkish-backed fighters in Syria implemented imaginable war crimes as allotment of Ankara’s incursion aimed at focusing on The US’s Kurdish partners in the fight against ISIS.
One senior legitimate described the Turkish proxy fighters as “thugs” and “bandits” and a US protection legitimate urged CNN closing week that several items of data on doable war crimes weeks maintain design to the attention of US authorities in recent weeks.
A senior Voice Division legitimate supplied reporters Tuesday with extra diminutive print about among the incidents implemented by Turkish supported opposition forces that the US authorities is asking into as doable war crimes.
A type of is the October 12 shooting of a Kurdish civilian and politician, Hevrin Khalaf, in her car in opposition to the opening days of Turkey’s Syrian incursion, the legitimate acknowledged.
Her demise sparked outrage among US officials as she used to be seen as a indispensable certain influence in northeast Syria in regards to peace making and reconciliation.
“There used to be one more incident that alive to a one that used to be filmed by participants of 1 in all those TSOs being done because the person used to be on the bottom with his fingers tied in the abet of him,” the legitimate acknowledged, the usage of a US authorities acronym to talk over with the Turkish proxy forces.
“There used to be one characterize of chemical weapons, particularly white phosphorous being used,” the legitimate acknowledged, along with that they’d seen “several examples of americans, medical gadgets and such, being hit by shell fire and such.”
The legitimate acknowledged the series of cases has no longer been rising and reiterated that it no longer a “broad” series of incidents.
“We’re asking the Turks to crawl them down. What the Turks urged us is that they influence consume them severely,” the legitimate acknowledged. They added that the Turks urged them that they’ve handed those committed by the Syrian Nationwide Military to the Syrian Nationwide Military’s Defense Minister and that “they’ve arrange a rate.” The “Syrian Nationwide Military” is the title Ankara has given its Syrian proxy power.
“We don’t know these americans in particular nicely. We don’t know how nicely they’re going to electrify. As some distance we’re concerned, our interlocutor on these items is Turkey on account of Turkey has been supporting these americans and Turkey took the initiative to switch in opposition to the border,” the legitimate acknowledged.
A Pentagon spokesperson acknowledged they would no longer “comment on on purported interior or intelligence reports.”
“We live concerned by reports that Turkish-Supported Opposition forces can also maintain engaged in violations of the law of armed wrestle in northeast Syria. We requested extra data from the Government of Turkey, given their give a enlighten to to those groups, and maintain requested a firm Turkish dedication to ruin violations of the law of armed wrestle,” they added.
“The Government of Turkey has told US officials that they consume these allegations severely and are investigating the circumstances surrounding these actions. The US has urged Turkey to pursue this matter with urgency and to be clear in any investigation,” the spokesperson acknowledged.
In accordance with a Voice Division legitimate, the actual envoy for Syria and the World Coalition to Defeat ISIS Jim Jeffrey discussed “investigating credible reports of violations of the law of armed wrestle” in meetings with senior Turkish officials in Ankara closing week.

Erdogan invite ‘a shame on the United States’

On Tuesday afternoon, Democratic Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen known as Trump’s invitation to Erdogan “a shame on the United States.”
“Erdogan is the usage of Jihadi proxies that consist of just a few al Qaeda substances they veritably are committing wrong human rights abuses, along with that the Trump Administration has acknowledged are war crimes,” he acknowledged on the Senate ground.
Final week, Voice Division spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus urged CNN in an announcement that “in the initial days” of Turkey’s offensive into Syria, “we had extreme concerns relating to reports that the Turkish-Supported Opposition can also maintain engaged in violations of the law of armed wrestle in northeast Syria, along with reports of the killing of unarmed civilians and prisoners and reports of ethnic cleansing,” along with that “those concerns live.”
Final month, Secretary of Defense Designate Esper acknowledged that Turkey and its allies would possibly maybe perhaps be responsible for war crimes in Syria. “I’ve seen the reports as nicely, we’re looking out to be conscious them, they are defective, and if abundant — and I enlighten they are abundant — they would possibly maybe be war crimes,” Esper urged CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in opposition to an weird and wonderful interview at Prince Sultan Air Scandalous in Saudi Arabia.
Final week Defense Division spokesman Jonathan Hoffman urged reporters at the Pentagon: “We’re mindful of — of allegations of alleged war crimes taking space at the fingers of — of americans operating in Syria. Any data that we design into about that, we allotment that with the authorities that — which maintain to be held accountable for it.”
“And so what now we maintain done and would possibly maybe aloof proceed to electrify, and the secretary’s raised this field with his counterparts, is reaching out to the Turks, we will provide them with data that we maintain about what we mediate is taking space; and we seek data from them to examine it, we seek data from them to serve those americans to chronicle, and we will proceed to push that with them,” he added.

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November 13, 2019

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