Wall Road Creates “Volfefe Index” To Discover How Trump’s Tweets Injure Stock Market – The Ring of Fireplace

Wall Road Creates “Volfefe Index” To Discover How Trump’s Tweets Injure Stock Market – The Ring of Fireplace

Revealed on Sep 10, 2019

Wall Road banking massive JP Morgan has created what they name a “Volfefe Index” in narrate that they’ll better notice how Trump’s tweets impact international markets. Bank of The US has already warned that Trump’s Twitter habits are inflicting crashes across the market, and now the relaxation of the banking world appears to be like to be to be stepping into on the run as he charges them millions of greenbacks. Ring of Fireplace’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Final week we immediate you in regards to the indisputable reality that Bank of The US Merrill Lynch turned into once having to reach back out and on the entire divulge folk, warn those that they’re 401ks are in effort because they’ve analyzed Trump’s tweets and moreover they’ve watched the market and moreover they’ve matched up the days when Trump tweets bigger than 35 events in a day. The market tanks, be cautious of those days. Ogle your 401k because it will get dazzling harmful those days. Successfully, no longer one to be pushed aside of the essential Wall Road banks tracking Twitter a mission. J P Morgan has now created what they’re calling the vol fefa index, which is a combination of the words volatility. And Trump’s made up notice coheafe. So the Vol Fefa index that JP Morgan has created on the entire tracks Donald Trump’s tweets and market reactions to them. Now, when JP Morgan created this, they acknowledged they did not dangle anybody particular tweet, uh, and match that up. Nonetheless what they did web which commonplace words that will trigger the market to demolish. And here are those words, China billion in merchandise. When Trump begins sending out tweets containing a form of three words, or even worse, all three of those words, the market panics and it begins losing heaps and 1000’s money.

I mean it turned into once averaging $600 million a day and sell offs real for the month of August, and moreover they’re now tracking it back saying replacement this has to manufacture with Donald Trump’s Twitter feed,

and I know replacement conservatives accessible mediate that Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is phenomenal. He is accessible letting the liberals like it, name them folk’s names, real completely owning them. Left and correct, he’s also destroying your 401k and for the rich folk accessible, those that put Donald Trump and quite about a republicans quite than work ah, you is doubtless to be losing replacement money too. Even supposing I wouldn’t like any sympathy for you folk, and I hope you lose every single thing you shall be succesful to like got ever made. It’s the folk with the 401k. It’s the retirement plans. The those that are restful working their butts off on daily basis, paying into a retirement opinion, hoping that they’ve been guilty with their money and moreover they’ll like a tight retirement. They’re losing that probability thanks to the Moron in chief. We’ve cannot dwell off Twitter for five minutes folk. That’s no longer fair to these folk. Even in the occasion that they’re Trump supporters, they restful never signed up for this and that’s the reason no longer k. That’s no longer fair to them. Nonetheless one more allotment of the order even though is real the final volatility of the stock market. I mean we like basically based, I mean put this on the entire on the heart of our economy, this made up thing.

Stocks are made up folk, I do not know when you heed that, nevertheless stocks are made up. When a firm is formed, they acquire to acquire how many shares of stock manufacture assemble out of skinny air and then we can real sell those issues that don’t essentially exist to quite about a folk. And moreover they’ll give us money and then we expend that money to trot manufacture issues. Nonetheless in the occasion that they ought to sell it back to us and we now pick on to pay them money to take dangle of back our unsuitable thing that we real made up. I mean, when you essentially originate to real roughly glide some holes in it, the stock market is one in every of the dumbest issues in the sphere. I comprehend or no longer it’s helped firms and clear, or no longer it’s doubtlessly helped. Some folk acquire a hell of assorted money, nevertheless or no longer it’s fully useless. It’s overly unstable. The president can snort one humdrum thing and ship the market into an absolute horror, and that’s the reason no longer fair for the entire US economy. I mediate or no longer it’s time that we put an conclude to the stock market.

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September 10, 2019

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