‘Within Forty eight hours… he develop to be long previous’: Memphis man dies from flesh-fascinating bacteria in Gulf waters – FOX13 Memphis

‘Within Forty eight hours… he develop to be long previous’: Memphis man dies from flesh-fascinating bacteria in Gulf waters – FOX13 Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A Memphis man died from flesh-fascinating bacteria over the weekend after a fresh sea drag day out.

The sufferer’s family acknowledged they knew some bacteria can infect by starting up wounds and cuts, but they had no concept his compromised immune machine could perhaps furthermore have set aside him at risk too.

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“We never would have let my dad in the water if we would have known that he shouldn’t were there – if it develop to be going to be that straightforward for him to catch something,” acknowledged Cheryl Wiygul, the sufferer’s daughter.

Wiygul told FOX13 her folks had been visiting Destin Seaside in Florida last week. 

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Lower than 12 hours later, Wiygul acknowledged her father started to get unwell. On the origin, she concept it develop to be related to his most cancers medication. 

Alternatively, when he purchased inspire to Memphis, a dapper shadowy sore develop to be on his inspire. Then red lumps fashioned on his legs and hands.

“(It develop to be) something we hadn’t seen before, and trusty within a few hours of being on the neatly being facility, he had to be in the ICU. He grew to become septic and went into cardiac arrest,” acknowledged Wiygul. “Intellectual within Forty eight hours of him being in that water he develop to be long previous.”

In accordance with Wiygul, her father died from bacteria that is already naturally happening in the Gulf of Mexico, but the flesh-fascinating symptoms are incessantly very uncommon.

Alternatively, Wiygul acknowledged they had no concept his compromised immune machine would set aside him at a increased risk for an infection from the bacteria.

She shared what took position to her father on Facebook, and now she desires more warnings in regards to the that you just’ll want to furthermore imagine dangers posted on signs as you head into seashores and converse parks.

“I don’t are involved to abet folks from the ocean drag. I love the ocean drag, my dad cherished the ocean drag. That develop to be his licensed position to switch, but it absolutely’s no longer price your existence to switch,” Wiygul acknowledged. “So, perhaps you will want to reschedule when that you just can have gotten an astonishing decrease or trusty had surgical operation, don’t tear to the ocean drag. 

“No longer decrease than that you just can furthermore tear next year, admire now my dad can’t tear next year.”

An infectious disease specialist told FOX13 this week that these flesh-fascinating bacteria are very uncommon.

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July 12, 2019

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